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Planes, Trains, And Automobiles, Oh and Politics


'Riding Toward Everywhere' by William T. Vollmann. Getting on and off moving trains can be a dangerous business: Vollmann has many tales about broken limbs and lost legs. You will learn about the people in this life. People outside the life, are referred to derisively as "citizens", and inside the group, there are codes of conduct. It's all rather like, in a way, homeless street people--people who live outside the normal boundaries of society. It's a fascinating look at a little-known life.

'The Power of the Vote' by Douglas E. Schoen. This eBook offer's incredible insights into the country's political process. Important, and thought-provoking book. Schoen obviously loves and intimately knows about politics. In this eBook, he skillfully informs us about the inner workings of the political process in a perceptive and entertaining manner. I not only enjoyed reading it, but I feel much smarter for having done so. You will too. Use the Coupon Code below for a Discount on one or both of these eBook Titles.

Riding Toward Everywhere eBook edition by Vollmann, William T.
Vollmann is a relentlessly curious, endlessly sensitive, and unequivocally adventurous examiner of human existence. He has investigated the causes and symptoms of humanity's obsession with violence (Rising Up and Rising Down), taken a personal look into the hearts and minds of the world's poorest inhabitants (Poor People), and now turns his attentions to America itself, to our romanticizing of "freedom" and the ways in which we restrict the very freedoms we profess to admire.
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Power of the Vote, The eBook edition by Schoen, Douglas E.
In The Power of the Vote, Douglas E. Schoen—one of the premier strategists in the history of Democratic politics—offers a never-before-seen glimpse inside the most pivotal campaigns of his storied career, providing an essential primer for understanding the elections of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
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