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Somthing Old, Somthing New...


'For Love of Politics: Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years' by Sally Bedell Smith. This eBook is fascinating in that it looks inside the marriage as a powerful partnership that, despite its famous flaws, works beyond the wildest dreams of most people. They've made it work for their common goal. Many of the details of For Love of Politics are well known - Whitewater, Paula Jones, Vince Foster, health care - but the author's intention is, I think, an attempt to understand and explain the complex relationship between Bill and Hillary Clinton. I do not view the book as yet another in an endless litany of campaign propaganda. Despite the length, anyone familiar with the Clintons can read this book very quickly. The stories are familiar, but the perspective is unique.
'The Girl Watchers Club: Lessons from the Battlefields of Life' by Harry Stein. You really get to know & enjoy this lively group, just simple people/guys at first, but ultimately, you realize, complex. In addition, you will understand how these guys from humble beginnings who were allowed to develop to their full potential in a free society helped make America great in the Twentieth Century. However, Harry Stein seems to be suffering from the conservative equivalent of liberal guilt. Contemplating the inequities of a 60's draft that he admits to having evaded, Stein philosophically strokes his chin and says, "I still think the war was wrong, but maybe I should have gone." In spite of its flaws, however, this is a eBook well worth reading! Check below for the Coupon Code to receive a discount on these to eBook titles.

FOR LOVE OF POLITICS eBook edition by Smith, Sally Bedell
During their eight years in the White House, Bill and Hillary Clinton worked together more closely than the public ever knew. Their intertwined personal and professional lives had far-reaching consequences–for politics, domestic policy, and international affairs–and their marital troubles became a national soap opera. Based on unparalleled access to scores of Clinton insiders–cabinet officers, top administration officials, close personal friends–and skilled analysis of a vast written record, including previously unavailable private papers, For Love of Politics is the first book to explain the dynamics of Bill and Hillary’s relationship, showing that they are two halves of a unique whole and that it is impossible to understand one Clinton without factoring in the other.
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Girl Watchers Club, The eBook edition by Stein, Harry
Harry Stein gives us the conversations of a group of older men who meet every week for lunch to reflect on their lives and the state of the world. What is a well–lived life? What is honour, and does it have a place in our society? A profound and poignant meditation on the meaning of honour, told through the words of men who lived life according to the forgotten rules of trust and responsibility. From these conversations, Stein shows us men who lived their lives according to values that have since been declared relative or obsolete: honour, responsibility, decency, and an uncynical commitment to being the best men they could be. Stein presents the stories of this remarkable group of men who lived through the difficult time of the mid–20th century and all its wars and social upheavals.
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